Marion Garnier was born in Reims (France), grew up in Beirut (Lebanon) and currently lives in Barcelona (Spain). She studied Communication and Visual Arts and then travelled to Spain to pursue her master’s degree at Elisava Design School in Barcelona as she built interest in Editorial Design. Marion worked with two well-known fashion magazines in Lebanon, L’Officiel Levant and Aishti Magazine. From art direction, styling, collages, and illustrations to trends research, she has managed all artistic aspects of a magazine. In Barcelona, she worked at Metal Magazine, where she also conducted interviews, wrote articles, strengthened her writing skills and was also in charge of editing the online content and reviewing fashion stories proposals sent from all over the world. Currently, she is working at Roche, the multinational Swiss healthcare company. She shifted her career and is going forward with writing. She still focuses on editorial and visual design for her personal projects.