Polished Magazine

Exploring the unconventional

A magazine about underground subcultures that deviate using any form of art, from conservatism and political stubbornness.
Polished is a periodical that investigates different unorthodox subcultures around the world.

With Camelia Bezzola


The first issue talks about the rave culture in Ukraine known for its political climate which brought the younger generation together.

With the collaboration of:
Yasia Khomenko, Francesca MastrovitoVova Vorotniov, Natsya Muravyov, Marija Šehanović, Hiroyuki Kishikawa and Anatoly Belov

The second issue deals with the growing LGBTQ scene in Lebanon, a closed-minded country that doesn’t tolerate any different sexual orientation.

With the collaboration of:
Helem, Luuuxe, Alex Sassine, Emergency Room Beirut

And at last, the third issue talks reveals the different subcultures present in Mexico. Highly influenced by the USA, various fashion subcultures emerged differentiating people by groups.

With the collaboration of:
David Williams, Maria Palacio, Gobs Fernandez, Ana Guajardo, Sandra Blow, Karla Ximena, Andres Navatto, Travis Gumbs, Ricardo Ramos, Dorian Ulides,
Tania Diego, Alex Cordova, Andres Manon, Diana Caballero

This is a student project. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or manner whatsoever without prior written permission.